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Take the RWH Climate Walking Trail!

Take a tour around Woods Hole Village and learn more about climate change impacts and resilience initiatives in the village. You can take the RWH Climate Walking Trail in-person via the RWH app or online via the tour platform.

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Study Area

860 Properties

with nearly $700M in assessed building value

Economic Impact


Collectively, WHOI, MBL and NOAA Fisheries employ over 1,710 individuals



Revenue from ferry, with 3,004,436 passengers in 2019

ResilientWoodsHole is

  • A collaboration between three major science institutions in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and key local stakeholders, including the business, residential and science communities, and the Town of Falmouth, MA.
  • An initiative to ensure the vibrant and productive village of Woods Hole prospers well into the future with the advent of major climate impacts such as sea-level rise, coastal flooding, shoreline loss, and associated challenges.
  • A commitment to preserving direct access to the sea, which is fundamental to each institution’s mission, and is threatened by climate impacts.
  • A first-of-its-kind pooling of resources, intellectual horsepower, and management skills to support the collaborators’ mutual interests and those of the greater community.
Woods Hole, Mass. study area


  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Sea level rise scenarios
  • Community asset risks


  • Adaption strategies
  • Migration approaches
  • Floodproofing


  • Public seminar series
  • Institutional partnerships
  • Information dissemination
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