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ResilientWoodsHole in the News

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Woods Hole Residents Share Climate Resiliency Efforts In Walking Trail
The RWH Climate Walking Trail Highlights Resident and Organization Experience with Climate Change (Falmouth Enterprise, Oct. 2023)

Cape Cod’s first climate change tour opens in Woods Hole
ResilientWoodsHole Climate Walking Trail Officially Launched in October, One of the First Climate Change Walking Tours. (WCAI, Oct. 2023)

Here are 8 environmental projects to watch in 2023
Cape Cod Times identifies ResilientWoodsHole as a project to watch in the new year (Cape Cod Times, Dec 2022)

How a Cape Cod restaurant is preparing to face rising seas alongside Woods Hole scientists
Cape Cod Times reporter Heather McCarron explores RWH's climate resilience plans (Cape Cod Times, Oct 2022)

Community and Climate Risk in a New England Village
Inside Climate News reporter Hannah Loss explores RWH's Comprehensive Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Inside Climate News, Oct 2022)

ResilientWoodsHole Symposium Releases New Interactive Maps for Public Engagement
Resilient Woods Hole Releases New, Interactive Tools to Engage Community in Planning for Climate Change (Environmental, Coastal and Offshore Magazine, Feb. 2022)

Inside Look At Impacts Of Climate Change In Woods Hole
Symposium To Give Residents An Inside Look At Impacts Of Climate Change In Woods Hole (Falmouth Enterprise, Nov. 2021)

'No Easy Answers'
'No Easy Answers' WHOI Building pProject Designed for Sea-level rise (Cape Cod Times, Aug. 2021)


From the Partner Institutions

RWH Climate Walking Trail Launch:
Interactive Climate Tour Opens in Woods Hole (MBL, Oct. 2023)

RWH Awarded CZM Grant:
Resilient Woods Hole Awarded Grant from Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (WHOI, Oct. 2022)

Adapt or Retreat:
Adapt or Retreat: No Solution is Off the Table to Prepare for Sea Level Rise in Woods Hole (WHOI, Nov. 2021)

Pro-Active Climate Resiliency Planning for Woods Hole
Public Symposium on 11/18 (MBL, Nov. 2021)

Collaborate on Coastal Resiliency Plans
Woods Hole Institutions and Town of Falmouth Collaborate on Coastal Resiliency Plans (MBL, Sept. 2021)

Begin Adaptation Plans for Coastal Flooding
Woods Hole Institutions Begin Adaptation Plans for Coastal Flooding of Campus Assets (MBL, Oct. 2020)

FACT: Hurricane Carol


Hurricane Carol (1954), a Category 3 hurricane, brought wind gusts of more than 100 mph and storm surge of 10.1 feet in Woods Hole. Storm damage in Falmouth was assessed at $2.75 million.

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