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Neighborhood Working Groups


The ResilientWoodsHole neighborhood working groups (NWG) met three times over 2023 to discuss climate change impacts, sea level rise and flooding projections, adaptation strategies and areas within their neighborhood that are of concern.

Each NWG was made up of 1-2 neighborhoods in Woods Hole, as shown in Figure 1, and comprised of 5-15 residents. The goal of each meeting was to gather input from the community on the different adaptation strategies, vision for the future of Woods Hole, and generally the RWH initiative. These meetings were also an opportunity for community members to get together and discuss projects for collective action.

You can read the summary of each meeting here:

RWH also put together a list of resources for homeowners.


Do you want to get involved?

  • While we are not planning any NWG meetings in 2024, please sign up for our NWGs to be placed on a mailing list. We often send out news related to RWH or volunteer opportunities through this mailing list.
  • Do you have ideas, feedback, or comments for us? Send us an email through the 'Contact us' form!

Figure 1. Neighborhoods in Woods Hole

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